The world comes together in São Paulo
São Paulo gathers qualities and peculiarities of great world centers with its Brazilian financial heart status and as a cultural reference. I have already had the chance to cover great metropolises in the whole world, such as London, New York, Madrid, and Paris. But the city of São Paulo has something special. It presents various expressions that arouse everyone’s curiosity. This is the reason why the number of visitors who come here to enjoy such diversity does not stop increasing.

As the destination of so many visitors, São Paulo has learned to receive them well, with infrastructure and top professionals. Nowadays, it is the fourth more gracious city in the world. With a solid institution, we will work to promote everything we have best. Like São Paulo, we have also matured, we have broken paradigms, and we have reached outstanding results, for this metropolis cannot stop and needs to work more and more to confirm São Paulo is amazing!